Excerpts from the MDC manifesto


*The MDC stands for the supremacy of the people and the nation over partisan or individual interests.

*The MDC stands for social democratic, human centred, equitable development policies, pursued in an environment of political pluralism, participatory democracy and accountable and transparent governance. The MDC aims to build a united, integrated, non-racial and non-sexist democratic society.

*The MDC aims to build sustainable, equitable, long term and stable growth in our economy by investing in and developing the capabilities and opportunities of the people of Zimbabwe, our national resources and infrastructure.

*The MDC will facilitate the writing of a genuine people’s constitution, derived through a democratic process that provides for mass constitutional education and a constitutional commission defined by, and accountable to a conference of elected representatives of civil and other groups, as well as individuals.

*The MDC will pursue accountability, integrity and transparency in governance. The MDC will maintain an efficient and affordable size of government; strengthen the authority and capacity of Parliament; and ensure that state security services are apolitical and that they defend the interests of the people and nation only.

*The MDC will promote a grassroots process towards gender equality in economic, social and political life, and will ensure that women are not unfairly prejudiced by their child-bearing and caring role in relation to employment or economic opportunity.

*The MDC recognises the central role played by traditional leaders in all the progressive struggles of the people of Zimbabwe. The MDC shall seek to restore the dignity of traditional leaders and strengthen their partnership with elected institutions in matters of development of communities.

*The MDC recognises that the primary engine of economic growth and development is internal, through programmes that invest in, and harness the natural and human resource potentials within Zimbabwe. The MDC will invest in and develop the capabilities and opportunities of people and infrastructure for long term growth in an equitable manner.

*The MDC will broaden the tax base, work towards the elimination of tax evasion, implement progressive taxes that lighten the burden on middle and poor families through tax relief.

*People must drive land policies and their implementation. The MDC will manage the redistribution of land through an open, people-driven and technically sound process under an independent Land Commission. The MDC will move towards provision of title deeds in communal areas.

*The MDC will gradually reverse direct government control of the media and establish an independent media commission that will include representatives of public and private media.

*The MDC will root out corruption, nepotism and crime.  No person shall be above the law.

*The MDC government in the next five years will focus on:

  • Restoring economic stability, growth and job creation;
  • people driven land reform;
  • building an accountable, transparent and open government and fighting corruption;
  • giving life to a peole’s constitution;
  • and guaranteeing health, education and provision of shelter.


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Charles Rukuni
The Insider is a political and business bulletin about Zimbabwe, edited by Charles Rukuni. Founded in 1990, it was a printed 12-page subscription only newsletter until 2003 when Zimbabwe's hyper-inflation made it impossible to continue printing.


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