Eddie Cross says end of Mugabe is nigh


Movement for Democratic Change Bulawayo South legislator Eddie Cross says the end of President Robert Mugabe’s era is near.

He says the recent panic over a rumour that the Zimbabwe dollar was coming back was a clear indication that the nation has no faith in Mugabe’s administration at all.

Writing on his blog, Cross said: “Time is running out on this regime. In March 2016 they are expected to meet certain deadlines by the Multilateral Agencies in order to stay on course with the reengagement process and obtaining debt relief from the Paris Club and others.

“These deadlines are both economic and political. Failure would negate all the work that has been done, first by the GNU Government and then later by the Ministry of Finance to try and restore our standing in global markets. There can be no recovery in our economy until we are back in the global community of States.

“With Mr. Mugabe at the helm there is little hope of us achieving these immediate goals. He is refusing to change any of his disastrous policies that have got us into this mess and he is dismantling the whole system that has protected his regime for 35 years.

“I spoke to a family on the outskirts of Bulawayo this week and the one daughter said ‘Zanu PF will shortly consist of Mr. and Mrs. Mugabe chete’ (alone). A bit of an exaggeration – but not much. He has rejected any talk of succession and in so doing he has committed the country to potential conflict when finally he meets his maker.

“He is 93 years old (Mugabe turns 92 in February) and looks every year of that age when viewed close up. He may think he is capable of carrying on and that he will live forever, but the rest of the country knows otherwise.”

Former United States ambassador to Zimbabwe Christopher Dell predicted in July 2007 that that the end of Mugabe was nigh, but Mugabe is still alive and kicking and has been endorsed by his party as the presidential candidate for the 2018 elections when he will be 94.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai this week said Mugabe’s wife Grace was literally running the country now.

“No one in government is thinking of solutions to the national challenges as everyone is preoccupied with issues of who will succeed this tired man steering the ship of State; the man who has now been surreptitiously but willingly replaced by his wife in a palace coup,” Tsvangirai said in his end-of-year message.

“I think the end of the Mugabe era has begun, as Churchill said about the end of the Second World War, this may not be the end, but it certainly is the beginning of the end,” Cross concluded.


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Charles Rukuni
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