Consumers force Schweppes Zimbabwe to return to original flavour of Mazoe

Zimbabwe consumers have forced the Coca-Cola Company and Schweppes Zimbabwe to resume production of the original Mazoe recipes for all flavours but the company said it will still provide the new recipe which caused the storm.

“We have listened to consumer demand and appreciate all the feedback that has been received. In order to meet those desires but still provide choice, both the original recipes of Mazoe and the reduced sugar recipes will be offered,” said the company in a statement.

“We stand by the safety of all ingredients used in our products and we’re committed to offering choice to help people reduce added-sugar in their diets. Both variants will be clearly labelled, actively encouraging and enabling consumers to enjoy our added-sugar beverages responsibly.”

Consumers raised a storm over the new range of Mazoe with some reports claiming that it had ingredients that caused cancer.

The company denied the reports and said they could have been sparked by the competition but it bowed down to pressure today and announced that it will resume production of the original Mazoe products soon.

The original Mazoe had created a market niche of its own in the region.



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