Cold Storage Company managers threaten to take Boustead Beef Zimbabwe to Labour Court

Cold Storage Company managers threaten to take Boustead Beef Zimbabwe to Labour Court


  1. Withholding of monthly fuel allowances for all employees graded D1 and above (former managerial of CSC) from July 2019 to date. These allowances constitute various litres of fuel per grade. A schedule has already been provided.
  2. Use of old fuel prices thereby reducing the quantity of the fuel litres outstanding to the undersigned employees.
  3. Threats to withdraw all allowances while on shutdown/compulsory leave which is a violation of labour laws and existing company policies.
  4. Withdrawal or withholding school fees allowances in violation of existing company policy despite submission of the requested school fees invoices.
  5. Withdrawal or withholding of Airtime allowances despite the Boustead Beef Directors frequently demanding for information and assignments from the undersigned on mobile phones and via email.
  6. Withdrawal of personal vehicle maintenance benefits like repairs, service, licencing and depreciation in spite of Boustead Beef Zimbabwe being aware that the undersigned employees use their personal vehicles for company business in carrying out their assigned duties.
  7. Discriminating against the former CSC managerial-graded employees by withholding all their allowances, while providing full benefits (fuel, accommodation, food, rentals, vehicles and many more) to Boustead Beef management and payment of allowances to all non-managerial former CSC employees. We, the undersigned find this practice not only discriminatory but cruel and malicious.
  8. Failure to address the Bonus issue for all employees as per CSC policy.
  9. Failure to pay off Cash in Lieu of Leave to all former CSC employees as per Boustead Beef Zimbabwe’s own policy and promise.
  10. Creating an environment where salaries may not be negotiated to cover the ever rising Cost of Living by banning Works Council Meetings and not recognising elected Workers Representatives despite the well-known workers’ right to organize and unionise which is recognized in the country’s Labour laws. In addition there are no meetings with the affected managerial employees to discuss their welfare and concerns.
  11. Humiliating treatment in the workplace, where all former CSC employees, especially the undersigned, are barred from entering CSC properties and have to be interrogated and escorted by security guards to meet Boustead Beef Zimbabwe management. This amounts to racial discrimination, completely illegal and seriously violates the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

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