Chiwenga, a general who always wanted to be a politician


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1.  (C) The most senior ranks of the Zimbabwean military are  so entwined with ZANU-PF as to be practically indistinguishable from the party.  This is particularly frustrating for many officers who want to concentrate on  building a professional military that can serve as a national  army and play a role in regional stability.

 2.  (C/NF) The following views are from two general officers  currently serving, who spoke privately with Ambassador and  DATT on January 5 and 6;  Brigadier General Herbert Chingono  (strictly protect), Inspector General for the Zimbabwe  National Army (ZNA), and Major General Fidelis Satuku (strictly protect), Director General for Policy and Personnel, Zimbabwe  Defense Forces (ZDF).  END SUMMARY.


3.  (C) There are no "factions" within the military, as this  implies leadership around which factions can coalesce.  There  are different attitudes and opinions:  full support of  ZANU-PF, recognition that the military has been politicized  and improperly used, and the fence sitters who are waiting to  see who comes out on top.  Except for those who are fully in  bed with ZANU-PF, people keep their views private to avoid being accused of treason, which can have fatal consequences.

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