Chamisa’s Agenda 2020 address to the nation


In March 1997 Zimbabwe launched Vision 2020. Vision 2020 promised:

  • Housing for all by 2020,
  • Healthcare for all by 2020,
  • Education for all by 2020, and
  • Jobs for all by 2020

Today we have none of all the promises THAT 2020 is upon us. As sure as the sunrise, time has come to test our resolve and has found us wanting.

We have no healthcare, no housing, no universal education and no jobs. 23 years later we have a rapidly deteriorating healthcare system where doctors have to protest for medicines and equipment and where teachers cannot afford to send their own children to school.

We have a beautiful AND RICH country, with talented people and a wealth of natural resources. Ours is ONLY a failure of leadership.

The Zimbabwe of today is the product of and an expression of poor leadership. The crisis in Zimbabwe is man-made.

We are a broken and divided nation, led through fear, governed by force and ruled through violence.

Man-made poverty is being used as a tool of repression and oppression, while poverty has been weaponised to enrich a few. Food continues to be used as a political weapon to sow divisions, fuel hate and instill fear. This can’t be allowed to continue.

Right now, we are struggling with everything and anything education, school fees and teachers conditions of service, doctors, water, electricity, transport and social service delivery in general.

People have been impoverished beyond measure, no jobs, no income, no lights, no water, no fuel, prices are escalating while incomes are plunging. It’s just hell on earth, a beautiful country and hitherto relatively prosperous country turned into a hellhole by a failed, rogue and corrupt politics and policies.


The old order has failed to bring forth the new. They have shown that they possess neither the appetite nor capacity to change. They’re vacuous. Their politics is vapid, insipid and out of time.

To place any hope on the past and on yesterday’s people is an act of cruelty and a betrayal of our children’s future.

  • The old order is struggling on the governance and legitimacy fronts.
  • The old order is struggling on the re-engagement front.
  • The old order is struggling on the national convergence platform.
  • The old older is struggling on the economic front.
  • The old order is struggling on the policy FORMULATION AND IMPLEMENTATION fronts.
  • The old order is struggling on the credibility and integrity fronts.


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Charles Rukuni
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