Chamisa under fire after criticising 2024 budget- says never expect a good budget from a bad government

Chamisa under fire after criticising 2024 budget- says never expect a good budget from a bad government

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa has come under fire after condemning the 2024 Zimbabwe budget saying it is an absolute disgrace and a mockery of our independence.

“A DISASTROUS BUDGET.. The proposed tax measures is an absolute disgrace and a reminder that Rhodesia is back,” Chamisa said on his X handle, referring to Zimbabwe’s colonial name.

“What a mockery to our independence and liberation ideals!! Never expect a good budget from a bad government, especially upon rigged elections. 

“The chickens are coming home to roost. Nothing stands on lies. Things fall apart. Everything is collapsing like a deck of cards.All budget fundamentals ignored.”

The CCC leader went on: “No particular regard paid to the Abuja Declaration on Health, Maputo Declaration on Agriculture, and the Dakar Declaration on Education Financing. 

“The budget is a heap of more pain, penury and suffering. Many people are being left behind. Zimbabwe has become not just banana but a cartels Republic. 

“Zimbabwe needs a new government- A Citizens government and a return to majority rule #ForEveryone.”

A Barbara Harris responded: “Problem we don’t have opposition dai yaivepo Zanu yaidai ichitya kuita izvi. Currently we just need someone willing to lead. Someone with leadership qualities not anomirira kuudzwa zvekuita nemabootlickers. Someone with courage. So far hapana zvapo tese tiri makwara.”

Chamisa did not respond.

 A Rock Dawg  asked: “Besides tweeting, pane solution here yamuchatipa boss?”

@Goremucheche had a similar query: “The question is what are we going to do about it, besides commenting on social media..? I’m personally tired of weak politics…”

Sengezo Tshabangu, the man who has been tormenting Chamisa for the past two months said: “By the way,I have won the case against MPs that you imposed, you will feel the heat as well, stay tuned -Aluta Continúa.”

Tshabangu won the case against the recall of several legislators at the Supreme Court on a technicality.

By-elections to fill the vacancies are to be held next week on 9 December. More by-elections will be held on 3 February with nominations closing on 18 December. These are to fill vacancies for legislators recalled on 10 November.

Yesterday there were reports that Chamisa is talking to Tshabangu to try to save the party. Chamisa is said to have been particularly troubled by the recalls especially those of deputy spokesman Gift Ostallos Siziva and leader of the opposition in Parliament Amos Chibaya but neither Chjamisa or Tshabangu has confirmed the reports.




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