Chamisa threatens to pull out of elections


There can be no doubt that we stand at an important juncture in the history of our country. We can choose to be progressive, taking a path that is guided by inter-generational consensus or to look backwards and continue with the old politics and old economics that have left the nation broken, divided, impoverished and desperate beyond measure. The choice is ours and I know we will choose the correct path.

This country, Zimbabwe, attained its independence from the blood of revered and courageous brave men and women who fought and some died for the right of each and every one of us as citizens to have a right to vote for a leader of our choice in an inclusive, free, fair and credible election.

Our forefathers who staged the crusade for the liberation of all African countries and built, to the credit of their legacy, epic institutions such as the African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) as drivers of prosperity on the continent did so with the wisdom that democracy was the only way by which good governance would be assured.

The challenges of Zimbabwe are way bigger than party politics and go well beyond partisan politics – including my own.

A divided nation is even more destabilizing to a national vision because more important than the vision is ability to execute such vision.

It is clear to me that Zimbabwe is ready for the fulfilment of the message of change that the MDC has been preaching for a long time. There is no doubt in my mind that the people of Zimbabwe are ready to give us the mandate to lead the country to prosperity. We are ready and willing.

However, and regrettably, certain forces that are inimical to progress and reform are standing in the way of the people of this country. This is not new but it cannot be allowed to defeat the will of the people.

An inclusive, free, fair and credible election is the ONLY route to legitimacy, which Zimbabwe desperately needs. Without legitimacy and stability, there can be no economic recovery, let alone progress in this country. But, as I have already said, certain forces are threatening the attainment of that legitimacy and much required stability.

The fulcrum of a free, fair and credible election is the referee. Our referee is the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). The referee must not only be fair but it must be seen to be fair. We have serious concerns over the conduct of our referee which we believe is acting in a manner that is inconsistent with the standards of fair play.

The practice of democracy requires that citizens are afforded a free, fair, credible and legitimate process of electing their leaders Over the past two decades Zimbabwe has gone through a series of disputed elections that have plunged the country into a persistent crisis of legitimacy.

Our people are yearning for a fresh start, a new beginning and have a renewed hope and faith in the potential of their country. Zimbabweans want to move forward towards transformation, opportunities and prosperity.

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Charles Rukuni
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