Chamisa says Mnangagwa is Zimbabwe’s door out of the past not to the future

Movement for Democratic Change leader Nelson Chamisa has once again brushed off President Emmerson Mnangagwa as a serious contender in the next elections saying he is the door out of the past and not to the future.

But some of his sympathisers have warned Chamisa not to underrate Mnangagwa because he will do anything to maintain power and political dominance.

In an interview with Associated Press, Chamisa said he represents the new while Mnangagwa represents the past.

“Mnangagwa was important as a bridge. He helped us remove Mugabe so he is Zimbabwe’s door out of the past, not to the future,” Chamisa said.

But a director of one non-governmental organization warned Chamisa not to be careless.

“He has a solid social base. He has the backing of youths, women, students, labor and other people who are not necessarily MDC-T supporters,” Phillip Pasirayi, director of the Center for Community Development in Zimbabwe, said.

“But he needs to be careful because the regime can go to any lengths to retain power and maintain political dominance,” he added.



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