Chamisa finding it difficult to sleep!


Movement for Democratic Change leader Nelson Chamisa, who seems to have been whipping up people’s emotions since last year’s elections, today said he was finding it difficult to sleep because Zimbabwe is such a disaster.

The MDC leader, who insists he won last year’s presidential elections, today tweeted: “It’s so difficult to sleep peacefully when OUR ZIMBABWE is in such a disaster. It’s so so hard to be a perfect leader with many people in such deep trouble. It’s so harassing to lead hungry, unhappy and disappointed people upon shattered dreams, unmet aspirations & dashed hopes.”

Brighton Kunaka-HOVE supported Chamisa saying: “Mr President I have not been able to sleep since this Government stole the people’s victory. The economy is in shambles, the citizens have been brutalised, there is nothing moving Mr president , the lies are shocking Mr president and the corruption is extremely shocking.”

Chamisa responded: “In all these tragedies we must extract our victory and begin to write a story of victory, prosperity and admirable success as a great people.”

He added: “We shall overcome! No night is too long as to not end up with a daybreak. Very soon the world will realize that it’s a good morning upon welcoming a New Zimbabwe!”

When asked by Dennis T: “What is the way forward Mr President? Do we weather the storm and wait for 2023? Come the next election, how do we guarantee a leveled and fair playing ground were we can confidently say the election will be free and fair? 2023 is only 4 years away,” Chamisa responded: “There is no 2023 without 2018.We must claim and demand our voice and vote back!”

Asked what is the way forward? Chamisa responded: “Loading…”

Simon Chiruka said people would wait for his signal to do a Sudan, referring to the recent coup in Sudan where President Omar  Al-Bashir was removed from power after nearly 30 years in office.

“We r waiting for your signal tirove yepaSudan bt u r only tweeting asi munotya here MUDHARA. U r letting us dwn dai ndaive me influence yako ndakaribata basa kare simbi inorohwa ichapisa iyi.”

Tanomu responded: “That’s the problem with Zimbabweans we wait for a signal from someone when we are the bearers of the signal. Just a close example ZCTU stay away vanhu vakafira mahara so @nelsonchamisa is right….  loading until tasimudzwa tega nenzara.”

Tichaona kondo brushed off Chamisa’s tweet saying: “Stop lying bru ko hant ndiyo nyaya yamakafambira iwe na biti muchienda ku america now wakuda kuita kunge une rudo nesu, tiku tambudzika bcz of yu na biti ende mwari ave nemi.”


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Charles Rukuni
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