Chamisa and Khupe, the biggest losers


If Komichi, Mwonzora and Chidziva are all solidly behind Chamisa and they are genuinely rejecting the election results, they must reject their seats as well, otherwise they are just shedding crocodile tears to pacify Chamisa.

In a week or two, Chamisa will be all alone.

In fact, he was warned quite early when he grabbed the leadership of the party to let Khupe take over the leadership, get clobbered at the polls, and contest in 2023 when he will be 45 and will have studied the political situation more closely.

But Chamisa insisted he would win the elections because “God is in it”.

Now Chamisa knows he cannot even call for a re-run because this time he will be totally humiliated.

Whispers say, Chamisa should thank former President Robert Mugabe’s advisers for their mistiming in asking the former President to endorse him at the last minute.

This had little impact on the electorate. If Mugabe had publicly endorsed Chamisa a week or more before the elections, he would have been totally humiliated at the polls.

While his supporters have brushed off anything bad said about Chamisa because of their blind loyalty, a senior members of the MDC said way back in 2001 that Chamisa, Tafadzwa Musekiwa, Job Sikhala and Learnmore Jongwe were possibly ZANU-PF plants.

Maybe Chamisa and his colleagues can learn from this lesson on hegemony:

“Perhaps the most important practical principle which the contemporary Left can glean from the theory of hegemony is that an old order cannot be made to vanish simply by pointing out its evils, any more than a new order can be brought into existence by pointing out its virtues. A social order, no matter how exploitative, cannot be understood simply as a conspiracy of wicked rulers. Rulers who can make a society work, who can make millions of people do their bidding and make them do it without the lash, are competent rulers. The meek may be blessed, but they shall not on that account inherit the earth. If the wretched of the earth have always been on the wrong end of the stick, it is because someone else knew which was the right end. It is not enough for workers to gripe about the boss. They must make themselves better than the boss, not only in their moral conduct, but also in their technical know-how.”- Thomas Bates on Antonio Gramsci’s theory of hegemony


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Charles Rukuni
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