Britain warns gay travellers to Zimbabwe- no affection in public

Britain warns gay travellers to Zimbabwe- no affection in public

Britain has warned gay travellers from that country visiting Zimbabwe not to show their affection in public as this could result in unwanted attention.

In a travel update on Zimbabwe, it said same sex between men and same-sex marriage are illegal in Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwean society remains conservative towards same-sex relations, especially between men. However, there is a small but active underground LGBT+ scene in Harare and prosecutions are rare. Be aware that showing affection in public could result in unwanted attention,” the update said.

It, however, gave the travellers contact details of the Gays and Lesbian Association of Zimbabwe.

Although the travel guidelines are supposed to have been updated yesterday, 19 October, they said that Zimbabwe still has a curfew between midnight and 5:30am. 

The curfew was scrapped more than 15 months ago.
The update also says there are still some COVID-19 measures in place, including the requirement to:

  • wear face masks on public transport, inside workplaces and in public inside spaces
  • socially distance
  • sanitise hands in some settings

The mandatory wearing of masks was scrapped in May.



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