Bindura legislator says Zimbabwe opposition is like Satan



Bindura South legislator Remigious Matangaira last week said the opposition will never appreciate what President Robert Mugabe is doing because they are like Satan who wanted to make himself God to take over the throne.

“The opposition began long back.  God Himself and his angels was ruling both in heaven and on earth. Satan was also there and he wanted to make himself God – to take over the throne.  That is where opposition began.  Opposition will never see anything positive although it is positive.  Even if things improve and development takes place, the opposition will never see any positive developments,” Matangira said in his contribution to the President’s speech.

“I equate the opposition to Satan because Satan tempts the Christians.  So, I am appealing to the opposition to give us less temptations and let President Mugabe do his work.”

Opposition legislator Murisi Zwizwai objected to Matangira’s statement saying: “I do not know the size of the paper he is using to smoke some substance, because he is drunk.  We do not view these as good words.  The Satan we know does not comb his hair, is a scary human being, smokes toxic drugs and is quarrelsome.  I therefore request that the Hon. Member withdraws his statement that we are similar to Satan.  Satan was seen walking in Norton.”

Matangira said he had never uttered those words.

“I did not say those words but they are being placed into my mouth.  Let me speak in English maybe they will be able to understand.  Can I speak in vernacular?  I said, in heaven, where God resides, before creation, God was ruling in the company of angels.  However, another angel called Lucifer desired to be like God, that is when opposition started in heaven,” he said.

Zwizwai responded: “We take the issue of being belittled and labelled, that the opposition is similar to Satan with the condemnation it deserves.  What I am requesting you Madam Speaker is that the Hon. Member’s speech has been recorded.  What he just said now is not the same as what he said earlier on.  We still stand by our point of order and we do not allow the Hon. Member to abuse his privileges here by scolding us.  If the recording of this debate is published, we ask that he be charged with contempt of Parliament.”

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