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765-Mugabe fires warning shots at Nkomo

764-Building boom slows down

763-Business to ask government to remove subsidies

762-Former deputy mayor blasts government over water supplies

761-Building boom in Bulawayo continues

760-Lobels to appear in court for externalising $23 billion

759-Tsvangirai receives major boost

758-Zimplats to go into full production this month

757-NEDPP likely to fail again, says US ambassador

756-Apollo formally acquires Dunlop, but problems likely to persist

755-Circus in Bulawayo chamber

754-Tsvangirai to address rally in Bulawayo on Sunday

753-Bulawayo dams half empty despite heavy rains

752-Bulawayo to repossess more than 30 industrial stands

751-Boom continues but Hlalani Kuhle hits a snag

750-NSSA allocated 700 stands in Pumula

749-Bulawayo approves plans valued at $22 billion

748-Crucial TNF talks on tomorrow

747-The Kadoma Declaration and what it says

746-Fuel prices go haywire

745-Bulawayo takes a tougher stance on stand holders

744-Hlalani Kuhle housing programme could be health time bomb

743-Zimplats more than doubles operating profit in fourth quarter

742-Cowdray Park residents to put pressure on council

741-Tough first half predicted

740-Bulawayo approves plans worth $92 billion

739-Construction boom in Bulawayo

738-Fingaz under pressure

737-Predictions for 2006

736-Hlalani Kuhle houses cannot legally be occupied

735-Canadian company to acquire Gaika, Athens mines

734-Homelink allocated 147 stands in Bulawayo

733-Ndabeni-Ncube brushes off government onslaught

732-Prices don’t make sense any more

731-A win is a win

730-Politics likely to spoil Murerwa’s budget

729-Government to act on Bulawayo’s water problem

728-Council in dilemma over destroyed properties

727-Gono gets it right this time but………

726-Junior doctors complain about lack of accommodation

725-Bulawayo construction booming

724-Bulawayo approves $3.8 trillion for 2006

723-Development foundation loses three stands

722-Dunlop still in dire straits

721-Water shortage in Bulawayo turns political

720-Mayor hits out at developers

719-Bulawayo blasts ministries

718-Harare prices still miles ahead of Bulawayo

717-Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe gives exporters one week to pay up $212 million

716-Fast food giant says tourism is on its way to recovery

715-Hippo Valley skips publishing interim results

714-Econet profit up in Zimdollars, down in US dollars

713-Edgars has a good first half

712-CAPS to roll out anti-retroviral drug before year end

711-Bulawayo prepares for 2006 budget

710-I’m sorry, says developer

709-M & R says it has sound order book

708-Mhangura makes a $78m loss

707-MacMed still on growth path

706-Bill 15 months late

705-Clan recovers

704-Barclays more than doubles profit

703-Fridgemaster to quit Zimbabwe!

702-Radar in 125% profit increase

701-Rio Tinto quadruples its profit

700-Hunyani profits up 39 percent

699-BiccCafca posts remarkable results, declares dividend

698-Zimre comes to the market

697-Schweppes posts good results

696-Market doubts government can turn around economy

695-Milk producer price up

694-Tobacco watch

693-Bull run on ZSE continues

692-Maize prices firm

691-Bulawayo approves $15 billion building plans

690-Two new supermarkets for Bulawayo

689-Tough wage negotiations expected

688-Bulawayo mayoral elections on

687-Alpha gets reprieve, but . . .

686-Bulawayo introduces water cuts

685-Organisers blamed for Independence Day vandalism

685-Parklands stands taken

684-Old Mutual, CABS team up in housing venture

683-Court throws out Merspin application

682-Blitz on bogus agents

681-Dollar overvalued but . . .

680-Grave problem

679-Heads likely to roll at Zimpapers

678-Fuel shortage may put damper on ZITF

677-Unpaid $116 billion puts Bulawayo in dilemma

676-Black market booming again

675-Church with answers to Zimbabwe’s problems completed

674-Poor workmanship dogs Bulawayo housing scheme

673-Bulawayo goes full steam on housing

672-Bulawayo starts year with a bang

671-Dabengwa back in charge

670-Bulawayo firm fails to get $541 million frozen in Trust Bank

669-Doctor blasts detractors of Aids drug

668-Friends of Zimbabwe Statement in full

667-Bulawayo approves $18 billion plans

666-Writing on the wall for ZANU-PF?

665-Bulawayo hotel school to open hotel

664- New twist to ZANU-PF Bulawayo fiasco

663-Headmen grumble over allowances

662-Beitbridge deals latest blow on Alpha

661-Shocking revelations on Aids drug

660-Government hijacked our Projects: Bulawayo city fathers

659-Major boost for gold producers -price expected to soar

658-Government accounts not audited for five years

657-Ex-ZIPRA in quandary over unity

656-Alpha: police implicated

655-Bulawayo rentals lowest

654-Council demands $1.1b from Alpha

653-Zimplow facing worst year in its 64-year history

652-Inflation down to 209%

651-High interest rates stall capital projects in Bulawayo

650-Bulawayo unveils $1.1 trillion budget

649-Election 2005 – To boycott or not, confusion continues

648-Alpha’s financiers could lose out as council ponders cancelling title deeds

647-New twist to Alpha saga- residents could lose out

646-ESOPS turn around workers’ fortunes

645-Bulawayo property developer in major housing scam

642-Council cancels Alpha’s contract

641-Made turned down plan improve inputs – Gasela

640-Docile media helped Alpha in its scam

639-Inflation down because of tight monetary policy and improved fiscal discipline

638-School fees- a personal experience

637-Lupepe takes over Merspin, promises 800 new jobs

636-ZANU-PF slips back into the Bulawayo City Council through back door

635-MDC: good decision, bad timing

634-Status of Debshan Ranch still unclear

633-Murerwa to be under pressure to review taxes

632-Is the coin mint in Bulawayo a white elephant?

631-A tale of two cities

630-Former ZANU-PF councillors fuelling divisions in Bulawayo City Council

629-Daggers drawn in Makokoba

628-Zimbabwe to record positive growth next year!

627-Why the decline in inflation does not necessarily mean a decline in prices

626- Porthold cement sales down by half

625-Bindura capitalises on increased demand for nickel

624-Highveld makes $774 million profit in nine months

623-Seed Co sales up nearly 700 %

622-Sugar production at Hippo Valley down

621-SARE profit soars

620-Caps in impressive turn around

619-BAT profit soars

618-CFX looking forward to a good year

617-Tedco has disastrous Christmas

616-Wankie on road to recovery

615-Genesis could be in for another high jump

614-Century manages an 809% profit increase despite liquidity crunch

613-Politics of food in Zimbabwe

612-Economy can turn around if there is national passion and pride to succeed

611-Food saga takes new twist

610-Government urged to review interest rates

609-Private schools to meet to decide fate

608-ZAPU says Mugabe could impose next president if opposition boycotts elections

607-Circle Cement in dramatic turnaround

606-Edgars predicts lower wage increases

605-Cairns laments declining domestic sales

604-Tractive improves trading volumes

603-Astra volumes decline significantly

602-Colcom revenue soars but volumes decline

601-NicozDiamond survives challenges to make $10.2 billion profit

600-Celsys profit up 8486 % in six months

599-Zimnat Lion capitalises on inflation

598-TA associate companies bring in $18.2 billion

597-MBCA in $14 billion profit

596-ReNaissance already compliant with new capital requirements

595-Stanbic thrives in bad year

594-CBZ posts excellent results

593-Today’s dollar worth 0.1 cents in 1990

592-Is Zimbabwe food self-sufficient or not?

591-Barclays cashes in on crisis

590-Zimpapers balance sheet atrocious

589-National Tyres profit up 742%

588-General Beltings exports fall due to punitive VAT in Zambia

587-Steelnet buoyed by exports

586-Demand for Turnall products plummets but …

585-ABC profit down from P53.3 million to P3.8 million

584-M & R says auction system favours importers at the expense of exporters

583-Fires disrupt Border’s production

582-Forex auction halves revenue

581-First Bank is in very good shape

580-Dairibord’s diversification pays off

579-Radar’s results excellent but…

578-IMF visit, a turning point for ZIM-IMF relations

577-Government should set up commission to look into graft in the country

576-Gono to extend lifeline to exporters

575-Gono offers exporters new incentives but maintains grip on financial sector

574-Key industrial index improves in April

573-Kuruneri arrested

572-Aids in Zimbabwe: the story no one wants to hear

571-Takaona’s firing a blessing for ZUJ?

570-Moyo gets the nod

569-Will Kuruneri survive the storm?

568-Tobacco sales kick off on a high note

567-Zimbabwe poised for good harvest

566-Hunyani exports grow by 45 %

565-Chemco defies odds

564-TSL profit up 576% despite 50% drop in tobacco crop

563-Econet doubles average revenue per user

562-Diamond production at Murowa to start in third quarter

561-Gold production at Freda-Rebecca down

560-Fidelity Life profit up 1157%

559-Nedcor lets Old Mutual down

558-National Foods thrives from the drought

557-Innscor in $33 billion profit

556-Cafca exports soar

555-Lack of clarity on Mazoe Citrus bogs down Intefresh’s planned expansion

554-Truworths profit up 758%

553-Edgars to reduce credit sales to three months

552-Industrial index falls by 13 percent in first quarter

551-Government should show magnanimity in Daily News saga

550-Powerspeed in $2.5 billion profit despite poor trading conditions

549-CFI capitalising on agrarian reform

548-Seed Co profit up from $142 million to $3.6 billion in first half

547-Cottco profit up 517%

546-ART sales soar to $82.1 billion

545-TZI makes $26.8 billion profit, management change

544-Finhold profit up 1213% despite turmoil in financial sector

543-Tanganda to increase tea production

542-Falgold production drops by 218 kg but…

541-Gulliver posts improved results

540-Phoenix gears for expansion

539-Apex annual profit up nearly tenfold

538-David Whitehead has another good year

537-Government reduces duty on fuel but price goes up

536-Bleak year for journalists

535-Tungamirai gets the nod at last

534-Tobacco growers call for early opening of auction floors

533-Urban poor may be forced to skip meals

532-Cimas makes a $5.6 billion surplus

531-Mandaza launches weekly paper

530-ZSR sugar business in $1.9 billion loss but company makes $11.3 billion overall profit

529-Tractive Power profit up 502%

528-Hardships slow down demand for Cairns foods

527-SAPS and riots….

526-Murerwa given political clout

525-Astra subdued

524-Tedco to demerge

523-Edgars sales below in inflation but profit up

522-National Foods makes good after profit

521-Ministers and boards

520-Truworths profit up 445 %

519-Meikles earns $59.5 billion in exchange gain

518-OK says people need more cash

517-Boom in furniture sales

516-Shortage of cash slows down Delta’s sales

515-Dawn set to become “partner of choice”

514-Tour operators softening up on Zimbabwe?

513-ZSE down but picking up

512-Gono’s clampdown bearing fruit

511-Tsvangirai hangs himself

510-Stocks tumble, but one broker says this is the time to buy


508-One man show on the web

507-In denial

506-Daily News and stay-aways

505-The Botswana menace

504-A sigh of relief

503-Now it’s Zambians

502-Commission calls for strict pre-planting policy

501-Utete report a little too late for current season?

500-Cross border trade in cigarettes down

499-Border Timbers earns $5.3 billion in exchange gain

498-Land issue: playing to the gallery?

497-Circle Cement back in black

496-SARE profit up 13-fold

495-CABS makes $8.2 billion surplus

494-Beverley fast catching up with CABS

493-Intermarket Building Society profit up 458%

492-NERP has all necessary ingredients but…

491-Intermarket Bank makes a loss of $340m but is very optimistic

490-Tyre sales down by 10 percent, but profit up 618%

489-Consumptive spending boosts Afdis sales

488-Steelnet profit up 869%

487-Exports boost revenue for General Beltings

486-Turnall earnings boosted by revised exchange rate

485-Econet says present tariffs are unsustainable

484-Celsys’s profit soars by 2340%

483-Barbican drops out of the worst performers

482-Budget silent on a number of critical issues

481-We will resist the upside-down view of Africa

480-Zimbabwe: Investment for growth

479-Inside story – The story of The Insider

478-Ministers biggest beneficiaries of cheap fuel?

477-Price of maize soars by 400%

476-Producer price of wheat up but…

475-Zimbabwe faces acute seed shortage

474-Premier Discount gets off to a good start

473-Rand strength boosts OM’s sterling earnings

472-Zimnat expands into the region

471-TA profit up 861%

470-Short-term insurance bedevilled by underinsurance

469-National unity: is there really anything to celebrate?

468-Trans Zambezi Industries posts remarkable results

467-Zimre profit up 508 percent

466-Clan poised for significant growth

465-Cafca exports increase 30-fold

464-Bindura production down, profit up

463-Wankie production down by half

462-Rio Tinto laments fixed exchange rate

461-National Foods benefits from lifting of price controls

460-Sugar production at Hippo falls by 20 000 tonnes

459-Regional weather experts still worried about El Nino

458-Arrogance at its worst

457-Innscor makes $14.6 billion profit

456-ZSE continues to be subdued

455-Tall order for Gono

454-Politicisation of food in Zimbabwe

453-Jesse surfaces in East London but disappears

452-The Daily News, where to now?

451-Waste of time?


449-Mugabe to outlast Blair!

448-Paprika production to remain stagnant

447-Cottco input scheme to benefit 15 000 farmers

446-Crop production to drop- CFU

445-Shortage of maize seed could affect next harvest

444-Tobacco seed sales up, but yield expected to fall

443-Stanbic confident

442-Interfin in $12 billion profit

441-Rapid profit down by 17 percent

440-MBCA dealing profits shoot up

439-Can papers maintain circulations?

438-Quick buck!

437-The sacking of Gwisai

436-Haddon’s last report

435-Tobacco seed sales drop by 19 percent

434-Wheat will not last until April

433-Food crisis worsening in Zimbabwe!

432-Edgars’s up 254 percent

431-Price controls see SeedCo profit plummet

430-Truworths profit up 419 percent

429-Century profit up 410 percent

428-Intermarket opens window for Zimbabweans living abroad

427-Beverley in record advances

426-First Bank profit treble that for last year

425-Metropolitan banks on agriculture

424-CFX profit up 870 percent

423-Time Bank calls for innovation

422-Shortage of local cash due to hyperinflation

421-Barbican profit up 847%, but it remains worst performer on ZSE

420-ABC earnings drop

419-Government, ZCTU headed for confrontation

418-Cairns profit up nearly tenfold

417-Tractive sales soar

416-Astra has sterling performance

415-Ashanti profit for third quarter up 55 percent

414-Interfresh EPS up 560 percent

413-Bank says political crisis should be resolved first

412-Pension funds lose out on money advanced to government

411-Printing more money not the answer

410-Government rules out price controls

409-Barclays sets tone for banking sector?

408-ZSE bullish run comes to a halt

407-Mugabe – ‘Biblical beast of anarchy’

406-Zimbabwe, the Abuja Agreement and Commonwealth Principles: Compliance or Disregard?

405-Natfoods more than doubles profit

404-ZSR sugar business makes a loss of $230 million

403-Budget sends jitters in the market

402-Death, starvation and political affiliation in Zimbabwe

401-Corruption worsens

400-ZCTU fails to capitalise on cash shortage

399-All not well at Daily News

398-The grass is not always greener

397-Why Moyo came in

396-Farmer ordered to pay $50 000

395-Lodger tries to take over house after owner’s death

394-Nkomo clamps down on wages

393-Once a chef, always a chef

392-Was arrest of Kasukuwere another gimmick?

391-Food now readily available but expensive

390-Shortage of cash, seed could affect harvest

389-CAPS back in black

388-Milk supplies down 27%, profit up 612%

387-Porthold still operating at a loss

386-CFI heading for exceptional year

385-Bindura connection

384-Something nasty at NUST

383-No one should be left to starve

382-Gregory Isaacs concert victim awarded $8000

381-$10 million for CHOGM

380-Education where are we heading -quality or disaster?

379-Powerspeed report full of contradictions

378-Interfresh profit up 610 percent

377-Ariston profit for first half nearly double that for last year

376-Art volumes boosted by exports

375-TZI profit up 1085 percent

374-SAP will hit the poor hardest

373-Same cry, different tune

372-Are UK papers looking for salvation in Southern Africa?

371-Zimbabwe badly needs an arrest to save face

370-Chikowore should get rid of the rot in his ministry

369-Woman gets $5 000 but loses husband

368-Businessman learns bitter lesson

367-Real Politicking

366-Watch out!

365-Booming furniture sales fail to arrest decline in volumes

364-Gulliver turnover up 261 percent

363-Phoenix on full throttle

362-Apex profit up nearly tenfold

361-Domestic tourism now backbone of Zimsun

360-More ZSE companies continue to beat inflation

359-Election rigging at its worst

358-How is this for jargon?

357-Tougher measures for MPs

356-Civil servants cautioned

355-What a waste!

354-Cooperative makes it but ……..

353-Call to legalise gold panning

352-Zimbabwe’s central bank clutching at straws

351-AIDS figures revised

350-The Zimbabwean economy: The current position and the way forward

349-Solidarity Trust questions legality of national service

348-US asked to keep its promise on AIDS

347-Journey to Namibia

346-Letter from the Publisher

345-Companies keep their secrets too

344-Zimbabwe guards its “secrets”

343-NRZ ditches injured casual workers

342-Farm acquisition continues

341-Farm workers’ wages to be reviewed quarterly

340-ZITAC gains market share

339-Zimbabwe likely to have another poor season

338-Falgold booming but…..

337-Ashanti records poor performance in first quarter

336-Gazette already written off?

335-Teachers cashing in on demand for education

334-Salary that can feed 2 500 people

333-PTC and privatisation

332-SA muscling its way into Zimbabwe

331-Better prospects for coffee

330-David Whitehead makes bumper profit

329-Cottco in $13 billion profit

328-Finhold’s assets shoot up to $131.6 billion

327-Tedco booming

326-Boom time for Tanganda

325-Breaking journey is cheaper

324-Subsidies on basic foodstuffs to be lifted

323-Harare-Chitungwiza rail still on but is it really necessary?

322-Democracy and deregulation — which way?

321-Study or time wasting?

320-Volumes down profit up for Chemco

319-Hunyani heading for exceptional year?

318-TSL makes a profit of over 1300%

317-PG profit up 552 percent

316-ZSR makes $4b. profit despite loss from sugar operation

315-Chidzero, down but not out

314-Financial fiddling

313-Diplomatic bungling

312-Can Smith really be a saviour?

311-UN cautious on Mozambique

310-OK still OK

309-Consumptive spending unable to arrest economic decline

308-Government responsible for fall of dollar

307-Closure of bureaus de change partly responsible for cash shortage?

306-ZSE doing roaring business

305-SADC : does it still have a role to play?

304-Devaluation or not?

303-Who is a small-scale businessman?

302-Diamonds are losing their glitter

301-ESAP brings uniform mania

300-Beef problems looming

299-Business interests take upper hand

298-Corruption is rife in CMED- committee calls for entire overhaul of the department

297-Where does Zimbabwe stand?

296-Africa is being exported to death – economist says

295-ESAP, religion and hardship

294-Developers worried about phones

293-Taxpayers not happy with drought levy

292-AIDS: thousands affected but the disease is still not being taken seriously

291-The Opposition and Civil Society

290-Workers getting poorer by the day

289-Rude awakening for Chamunorwa

288-Something to smile about

287-Waiting to explode

286-Mengistu again!

285-ZCTU to become more militant

284-Dying city

283-Sithole’s double talk

282-Balancing the army!

281-Zimbabwe lacks consumer resistance

280-Spilling the beans

279-Zim-Kenya in reinsurance

278-Business optimism dwindling

277-Gold slump

276-Will farmers meet the targets!

275-Pari, leave private hospitals alone

274-Zimbabwean Paprika prices rises

273-Products trickling back to shelves

272-Zimbabwe tobacco crop halves

271-Food security improves in Mash, Matebeleland still down

270-Bleak future for the unemployed

269-Esap’s stance on wages is a disaster


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